Day 3: Purium Transformation Cleanse

Day 3 is almost complete, which means that I’m more than 1/4 of the way through the transformation cleanse. While I don’t feel AWESOME, I don’t feel completely horrible either, which is good considering I’ve basically cut out excess carbs, sugar, caffeine, and fat from my diet all at one time. I have a slight headache tonight and I was somewhat hungry off and on throughout the day, but not nearly as much as I would expect given the low amount of calories I am consuming. It’s interesting to me how I’ve been eating less than 1/4 of what I normally eat (Calorie-wise), and probably half of what I would eat in ONE meal when I go out to eat, yet I don’t feel completely starving. I guess that is because the Purium products are full of satisfying nutrients without the excess calories (and the Master Aminos provide vegan protein).  

I don’t feel a rush of energy or anything at this point, but I knew going into this that I would start feeling a lot better on Day 4 or 5. I’m just waiting for that rush of energy that everyone else has described who has completed the transformation. I want to work out, at least do some yoga or something, but i don’t think my body is ready to take on that additional stress at this point!! Hopefully by this weekend I will feel ready to workout at least a little (yoga/pilates/light cardio). I am supposed to go back to CrossFit (after a break of several months due to a lower back/pelvis strain) next week, and I will definitely have to ease back into that!! Overall, I am hoping for a healthier 2014 by doing a better job with my nutrition along with my commitment to working out! I’ve realized it’s better for me to workout just 4 days a week (plus maybe some yoga or something not as intense), while eating better and going out to eat A LOT less. When I was working out 5-6 days a week but eating pretty much whatever I wanted, I didn’t lose weight and actually gained weight. I’ve learned my lesson for sure and I am committed to changing up my diet, making small changes along the way!! I figured the 10-day transformation would be a good challenge to motivate myself and kick the New Year off!! Looking forward to checking in tomorrow…and I’m not going to be weighing myself every day because the most important thing is the end results and continuing a steady weight loss throughout the next 6 months (or more, as needed)!! 


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